About WD Industrial Group

WD Valve Boxes was started in 1981 in the basement of a Winnipeg home. Originally known as a manufacturer of water works products WD Industrial soon grew into having a number of different products in various industries. Currently today WD Industrial has over 20 employees and operating out of 25,000 square foot warehouse. 

At WD Industrial Group, we go beyond the needs of our customers by providing a high level of quality and services to a wide range of industries. Our company designs and manufactures products, and develops solutions, using materials from plastics to cast iron.

We help make roads safer, water sports more enjoyable, companies more effective and municipalities more efficient. And we do it all using the latest techniques blended with a knack for solving any challenge a client may face.

From concepts to products, WD Industrial Group can do more for you.

W.D. Pooles P.Eng. (Ret'd) - WD Industrial Group's Founder


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