KN-Series Boilers


The KN-Series is the first commercial boiler capable of realizing the high efficiencies of condensing applications using a durable cast-iron heat exchanger.

The KN-Series boilers come with an industry best 21-year warranty against thermal shock. 

KN-Series boilers combine the condition-tolerant, heat-retaining characteristics of cast iron with the energy savings of fully modulating, high-efficiency condensing performance. Innovation sized to meet current requirements of low fuel utilization, high efficiency, longevity and the small footprint demands of today's condensing commercial boiler market, KN-Series Boilers are available from 200MBH to 3000MBH.

All KN-Series boilers come with HeatNet, a proprietary integrated boiler management system developed at Mestek Institute. By developing the controls in-house, custom modifications to meet the requirements of any job are easily made.