Sump Pump Season is Here!

Sump pump season is here!

Here at WD we support local wholesalers to help educate local contractors on the different grey water pumps available to both the residential and commercial markets. WD is very fortunate to have a well known sump pump line which is Liberty Pumps. Not only is Liberty pumps very robust but is also backed by a 3-year warranty that is second to none. We also have great demonstrations to show how some of the Liberty pumps are effective in different applications like the ProVore grinder demo that is shown here. At WD we love to educate and inform of different lines that we rep to help save people in tough situations. If you have any questions on this product or any of the products that we have available don’t hesitate to ask!

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Trumbull Installed at Steinbach Secondary Water Supply System

Custom stainless steel extension stems along with stainless steel Trumbull stem guides have been installed at the Steinbach Secondary Water Supply System in Steinbach, Manitoba to operate the valves in the reservoir from the floor above the reservoir. The stem guides used are adjustable to support a stem that is located 2” to 26” off a wall.  The stems connect to the 2” AWWA nut on the valve using a stainless steel bottom coupling. Longer offset guides are also available from Trumbull along with various diameters and materials of extension stems. Blog will be updated once the operators are installed above the reservoir floor.


Come visit us at BOMA

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Come visit us on October 17th at BOMA’s Manitoba Building Expo at Booth 14 & 15 at The Victoria Inn Hotel! We have many new and exciting products on display, including:
•    Niron – Polypropylene Pressure Pipe & Fittings for Plumbing Systems
•    Beacon/Morris – Hydronic Heating Equipment
•    KN & Smith Heating Boilers
•    Liberty Pumps – New Wifi Smart Alarms
•    Amtrol – Pressure & Hydronic Tanks (ASME & Non-ASME)
•    & More!
Speak to our in-house experts or just come say Hi!

Hope to see you there!

Stop It Pipe Repair System - Saving Time & Money

On a recent feedermain installation in the City of Winnipeg, a threaded outlet on a custom made pressure test plug cracked. Because the plug was custom made, the delivery time for a new one was long and the cost was also very high. This seemed like a perfect application for the Stop It Pipe Repair System.

The threaded outlet surface was prepared by scraping and sanding down the surface to give a good surface for the repair tape to bond do. A hole was drilled at the end of crack to ensure the crack would not propagate any further. The hole, crack, and threaded outlet were filled with the FIX STIX epoxy and the entire outlet was wrapped in the fiberglass tape. Within 1 hour of starting, the repair tape had hardened and the plug was ready for testing. It passed the pressure test and the contractor was able to continue on with the feedermain install saving weeks of lost time and money.


Amtrol Product Focus: Big Tanks for Big Jobs

Check out this handy chart for Amtrol commercial hydronic applications! One of these products good be the solution you're looking for on your next job! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

In the Spotlight: ATH KN Series Boilers

After 15 years of service in the market, Advanced Thermal Hydronics recently engaged in a study to prove the longevity of our KN Series cast iron boilers.

Why use cast iron?

  • Cast iron is a ASHRAE-approved material 
  • Holds valuable heat longer than other materials, providing superior longevity and reliability
  • Cast iron heat exchangers used in the KN series boilers have no welds and are 5x more think than competitive stainless steel and aluminum heat exchangers
  • Less susceptible to dramatic thermal stresses

The KN Series boilers have iron clad results:

  • KN Series boilers have an installation base of over 16,000 units since 2003
  • KN Series boilers haven’t had a single documented failure associated with corrosion 
  • Cast iron has been the material of choice in the boiler industry for over 150 years
  • Cast iron is popular because of its compatibility with water and its superior durability

KN Series: Tear-down Report
Two different KN-20 boilers in full operation were removed from their job sites solely to examine their heat exchangers and verify their thermal efficiency. These boilers were installed in extremely harsh operating conditions with low operating temperatures and non-stop condensing performance. The test indicated only a mere 1-2% loss of cast iron throughout Boiler 1 & 2’s lifecycles. In can be concluded that the boilers could run an addition 38,000 to 44,000 hours in full condensing mode before reaching the ASME minimal wall thickness standards for performance. 

For full details regarding the tear-down report, check out the Cast Iron to the Core Brochure.
It’s easy to see that cast iron is an ideal material for condensing boiler applications. 


National Skills Competition 2017

From May 31 to June 3rd the National Skills competition was held here, in Winnipeg, MB. We were able to help support UA Canada with the various mechanical building products that we offer. The students were able to demonstrate their skills in the Steam/Pipe Fitting category by installing gas piping systems that incorporated gas fired unit heaters. We were able to provide the Beacon Morris line of unit heaters for this category, and were very happy with its performance. Congratulations to all those who participated in the skills competition!

Liberty Pumps Training

Liberty Pumps Training

During the week of February 26 to March 2, WD conducted contractor training on the Liberty Pumps product line. Steve Ritsema, a Mechanical Engineer and the National Sales Manager for Liberty Pumps, led the presentations both at the WD Industrial learning centre and at the offices of various contractors. The presentation consisted a classroom session covering all of Liberty Pump's products along with live demonstrations of various pumps. The training at WD Industrial's facility was very well attended and each attendee received a certificate acknowledging that the individual had been factory trained on installing Liberty Pumps products.

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