Stop It Pipe Repair System - Saving Time & Money

On a recent feedermain installation in the City of Winnipeg, a threaded outlet on a custom made pressure test plug cracked. Because the plug was custom made, the delivery time for a new one was long and the cost was also very high. This seemed like a perfect application for the Stop It Pipe Repair System.

The threaded outlet surface was prepared by scraping and sanding down the surface to give a good surface for the repair tape to bond do. A hole was drilled at the end of crack to ensure the crack would not propagate any further. The hole, crack, and threaded outlet were filled with the FIX STIX epoxy and the entire outlet was wrapped in the fiberglass tape. Within 1 hour of starting, the repair tape had hardened and the plug was ready for testing. It passed the pressure test and the contractor was able to continue on with the feedermain install saving weeks of lost time and money.