KN Cast Iron Boilers Installed in Stonewall Health Centre

High Efficiency KN Cast Iron Boilers installed in Stonewall Health Centre

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The KN-series boilers have been making its way through all types of commercial building applications; from schools, government buildings, and apartments complexes to health care facilities and hospitals. Most recently, three KN20 boilers were installed in the Stonewall and District Health Centre. Pictured is the one of the completed boilers with the jacket installed. The size of the assembled boiler is still small enough to fit through standard-sized doors. At the Stonewall Health Centre, the knockdown model was used to accommodate the many angles in the building. Installers on this job were impressed with the ease of assembly of the KN-series boilers.

Cast iron boilers are known to be strong and resilient. The KN-series design is non-welded and thicker-built compared to aluminum and stainless steel counterparts, which helps it perform better when it comes to thermal stresses.

The KN factory always performs static testing to make sure the boiler is working properly before being sent out. KN has easy-to-follow videos and instructions regarding the assembly of the boilers. Along with these videos, the staff at WD Industrial are available to help local techs during the assembly process to make sure everything is working effectively and efficiently.

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In the Spotlight: ATH KN Series Boilers

After 15 years of service in the market, Advanced Thermal Hydronics recently engaged in a study to prove the longevity of our KN Series cast iron boilers.

Why use cast iron?

  • Cast iron is a ASHRAE-approved material 
  • Holds valuable heat longer than other materials, providing superior longevity and reliability
  • Cast iron heat exchangers used in the KN series boilers have no welds and are 5x more think than competitive stainless steel and aluminum heat exchangers
  • Less susceptible to dramatic thermal stresses

The KN Series boilers have iron clad results:

  • KN Series boilers have an installation base of over 16,000 units since 2003
  • KN Series boilers haven’t had a single documented failure associated with corrosion 
  • Cast iron has been the material of choice in the boiler industry for over 150 years
  • Cast iron is popular because of its compatibility with water and its superior durability

KN Series: Tear-down Report
Two different KN-20 boilers in full operation were removed from their job sites solely to examine their heat exchangers and verify their thermal efficiency. These boilers were installed in extremely harsh operating conditions with low operating temperatures and non-stop condensing performance. The test indicated only a mere 1-2% loss of cast iron throughout Boiler 1 & 2’s lifecycles. In can be concluded that the boilers could run an addition 38,000 to 44,000 hours in full condensing mode before reaching the ASME minimal wall thickness standards for performance. 

For full details regarding the tear-down report, check out the Cast Iron to the Core Brochure.
It’s easy to see that cast iron is an ideal material for condensing boiler applications.