WD Industrial Group offers many different products that are essential to the building mechanical industry. From KN Series Boilers to Liberty Pumps, WD Industrial Group can be a one stop shop for many of your building mechanical needs. WD Industrial Group takes pride in having highly trained staff to ensure that you are receiving the right product to fit your needs. WD Industrial Group also offers various training sessions on each product line to provide the correct education on how to maximize the efficiency on your product.

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WD Industrial Group manufactures a variety of products, including: Floor Drains, Effluent Ejectors, Bayco Backwater Valves, and, WD & Bayco Access Frames & Covers.

WD Industrial represents Liberty Pump products including; Effluent, Sewage, Sump & Grinder pumps, and Control Panels.

WD Industrial represents Trumbull Waterworks Tools & Waterworks Treatment Plant Products.

WD Industrial represents Amtrol Pressure & Hydronic Tanks (ASME & Non-ASME)


WD Industrial represents Kimax Glass Drain & Vent Piping, IPEX Lab Drain & Vent Piping, Acid Neutralizing Systems, Precision Plumbing Products, Identification Systems, Access Doors, Floor Drains, Trench Drains and Cleanouts

WD Industrial represents Smith Commercial & Residential Boilers. 

WD Industrial represents ATH Commercial & Residential Boilers.

WD Industrial represents Niron Polypropylene Pipes & Fittings.


WD Industrial represents InduMar Stop-It Pipe Repair Kits.

WD Industrial represents Beacon/Morris Hydronic Heating Equipment.

WD Industrial represents Sterling Hydronic Heating Equipment.

WD Industrial represents Schneider Electric Pressure Switches & Controls.