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The no-spark, no-flame, lightweight alternative to copper & steel piping! 

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Niron is a complete polypropylene pipe and fitting system for the distribution of hot and cold water in plumbing and air conditioning systems, for the conveyance of drinking water and alimentary fluids, for installations in industrial plants and for the transport of compressed air and chemical substances.

The pipes and fittings that compose the NIRON range are produced using the most advanced random copolymer polypropylene PP-RCT, a plastic material with a special molecular structure ensuring high mechanical resistance and duration, even at high temperatures and pressures.

The properties and other features of the various components make the NIRON system a great alternative to traditional material used in plumbing installations.


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Advantages of Niron Polypropylene-RCT compared to steel or copper:

  • Significant labor costs savings due to a verity of joining methods and ease of assembly

  • Reduced insulation thickness

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Free of heavy metals

  • Lower pumping costs

  • Scaling resistance

  • Lightweight – 1 person can carry a 20 ft length of 6” OD

  • Chemically inert to water – no leaching of taste or odor into water product being transferred

  • No open flame in assembly

  • Does not support biological growth

Some of the uses for PP-RCT:

  • Heating water

  • Aggressive chemicals : Acidic, Alkaline and other reactive and corrosive chemicals

  • Condenser water

  • Compressed air

  • Chilled water

  • Potable water

Can be used in a variety of applications & industries, including:

  • Mining Industry

  • Iron & Steel Industry

  • Plating Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Defense & Military Industries

  • Heavy Manufacturing

  • Aircrafts, Automotive & Ship-building Industries

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Textile Industry

  • Pulp & Paper Industry

  • Food & Beverage Industries

  • Breweries & Cannabis Industries

  • Microelectronics Industry

  • Livestock Industry

  • Construction Material Industry

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